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The Health Benefits of Chilling Out and Listening to Music

Posted on October 18, 2016 at 8:30 AM

The Health Benefits of Chilling Out and Listening to Music


Music is a significant part of everyday life and culture. It impacts our mood, our thoughts, and our world. However, did you know that music has been scientifically shown to have an impact on health? Here are the health benefits of chilling out and listening to music.


Reduce Anxiety


Researchers played relaxing music for one group of patients before surgery and compared them to pre-surgery patients who received a dose of anti-anxiety medication. The study found the music to have a greater effect in reducing anxiety, proving that music is excellent at reducing anxiety and stress.


Reduce Depression


Depression is a disease inflicting thousands of children, teens, and adults every day. For those who are facing the devastating effects of depression, over-the-counter medications are rarely enough to help them get through the day. However, new forms of music therapy have found success utilizing music to treat depression.


Manage Pain


Chronic pain can destroy a person's ability to lead an active life. Drugs treatments can even worsen the capacity to function in society. Some good news indicates that listening to music can actually help your body manage pain. Music can be used to mitigate chronic pain and facilitate a speedy return to daily life.


Prevent Disease


While this claim is still undergoing research, one study found that test subjects who listened to thirty minutes of soothing music had higher levels of a specific antibody in their bloodstream. Simply by listening to music, participants temporarily boosted their immune system.


Improve Workouts


A lot of people claim that listening to music improves their workout. Research is now backing that notion with science. Music is now proven to help you get a better workout, and thus a healthier body. Relax, workout and keep the music playing.


Help You Sleep Better


We now know that listening to classical, or soothing music can help you sleep better. Studies also suggest that music might be a useful tool in treating chronic insomnia. Sleeping better will lead to a healthier body, mind, and drastically improve productivity.


Help You Be a Better Driver


Car accidents are often lethal and are often caused by poor driving. Researchers have found that listening to music while you drive can improve your driving by elevating your mood. A better mood means less stress, less road rage, and more attention focused on driving safely.


Exercise Your Brain


Johns Hopkins suggests that listening to music, particularly music you don't usually listen to, can force your brain to "exercise" by trying to identify new sounds and familiarize itself with new music. It can also help you remember your past. Both of these exercises improve memory and cognition.


Help You Eat Less


Researchers have discovered that people who eat in softly lit restaurants that play soft music eat less food. Logically, similar kinds of music might be able to help people lose weight leading them to better health.



Jessica Kane is a music connoisseur and an avid record collector. She currently writes for SoundStage Direct, her go-to place for all turntables and vinyl equipment, including VPI Turntables.


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