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Thomas J. West Music

Live webcam private music lessons, music education articles, compositions, clinician services, reviews

Products and Services

Reviews of Products and Services

Product/Service Review: Musical U (February 2016) - Unlock the power of the online music learning community at Musical U. Intended for amateur, self-taught musicians, the learning modules, staff, and community at this online learning portal are ready to help you "become more musical."

Service Review: Open Education Database (August 2013) - Thinking about starting your Master's Degree? The Open Education Database is an excellent place to start your search. Compare schools that offer both online and on-site degrees.

Service Review: Theta Music Trainer (February 2011) - A fantastic online resource for music teachers and students.

Service Review: iSchoolBand: a Safe Facebook for the Band Room and More (July 2009) - The "about" page on their website describes iSchoolBand as "social music technology" containing "a private social network, a dynamic media and document library, and several group management tools for parents, boosters, instruments, and bands." Read more

Product Review: berp bio oil: A Fantastic Earth-Friendly Valve Oil (June 2009) -
An idea whose time has come: a valve oil specifically formulated without the traditional petroleum distillates as its primary lubricant. The result is a bio-degradable, non-toxic lubricant made from renewable sources - the world's first "green" valve oil for brass instruments.Read more

Product Review: Are First Act Instruments Worth the Low Price? An Investigative Report (September 2008) - Because First Act instruments are sold in bulk retail and toy stores, they naturally get the label of being "toy instruments" and not for serious music students. Most music teachers I know scoff at them, calling them "instrument-shaped objects". But, is this really the case? Are these quality instruments that are just marketed differently? Read more

Product Reiew: A Brass Player's Primary Tool for Tone Production - the B.E.R.P. (May 2007) - The BERP allows the player to much more closely approximate the feel of blowing into their instrument while still benefiting from the flexibility of buzzing on the mouthpiece alone. Because the BERP is attached to the lead pipe of the instrument, the player still holds the instrument in the normal fashion so the weight against the face and proper habits of posture and breath support can still be maintained. Also, because it's attached to the instrument, it makes switching from playing to buzzing (or BERPing, as many band directors like to call it) very quick and easy, making it a great tool to hand out to an entire brass section. Read more

Submit Your Own Event, Product, or Service for Review

If you have a music-related event, product, or service that you would like a review written for, please contact Mr. West to make the necessary arrangements. At this time, all written reviews are free. When appropriate, a link from the event/product/service's web page to the review page on this website is requested.

Mr. West will be happy to write reviews for music products if you are able to provide samples for a thorough examination of the products strengths and weaknesses. The reviews written are always of the highest professional caliber and never inflammatory or degrading in nature.

Visit the contact page to submit a request for a music event, product, or service review.



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